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Buying property in Cyprus and visiting post Brexit

When the Brexit transition period came to an end on 1st January 2021, UK citizens became “third country” nationals; a generic term describing non-EU member states. Cyprus (particularly Paphos) is...>>

Doing Business in Cyprus

Cyprus has long established itself as a thriving business hub, with a vast array of investment opportunities in key growth sectors of the economy. The island’s ideal strategic location, advanced...>>

Cyprus to scrap current passport investment scheme – cabinet

The government said on Tuesday it would be scrapping the citizenship by investment programme in its current form from November 1, as police launched an investigation following an undercover video...>>

Moves expected over visas for travel to the US

There could be developments soon regarding visa waivers for Cypriots travelling to the US, Foreign Minister Nicos Christodoulides said on Tuesday. The minister said the competent deputy minister of the...>>


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