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Beach in Cyprus voted number 3 in the world!

A beach in Cyprus was voted in the top 50 Best Beaches in the World for 2019! According to Big 7 Travel Fig Tree Bay in Protaras was voted as...>>

Changes to Citizenship scheme approved after July 15th 2019

Changes to Cyprus’ controversial citizenship-by-investment scheme, which has granted 1,864 citizenships and generated €6.6 billion of foreign investment, have been approved by the Cabinet. CYPRUS on Wednesday approved a series...>>

News from Belize for Belize IBC

  In 27th of March, 2019 a new legislation was passed in Belize that now requires all International Business Companies to have Physical Presence in Belize except for companies that...>>

Singapore Passport attracts Foreigners

Why Immigrate to Singapore?     Singapore is a highly sought after location for foreigners to permanently reside in due to its strong, stable and wealthy economy. Singapore offers a...>>


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