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Carnival in Malta: All you need to know about Il-Karnival Ta’ Malta 2019

Carnival in Malta is a highly anticipated event locally. Elaborate floats and planning, the excitement around carnival reaches a fever pitch come February. So, what is the carnival all about?...>>

Malta crypto exchange licence

Malta has established itself as a prime fintech hub for over more than a decade by attracting to the island a large number of electronic money institutions and payment service...>>

Cyprus — Exceeding expectations

If you’ve never visited Cyprus, this Mediterranean island with a population of just over 1.2 million is likely to surprise you. Indeed, many first-time visitors are burdened with misconceptions usually...>>

Why the rich want a Maltese passport

Malta offers history, beaches and — to the rich — EU passports. Roman Abramovich settled for Israeli citizenship Dominica is good, Portugal is better, but Malta is probably best of...>>


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