Athens Panorama – Greece

1. Meet with our Property Consultant

A qualified member from our sales team will meet with you in order to assist and provide information about the property purchasing process with an introduction to Greece.

2. Property Inspection

Subject to the customer’s inquiry our consultant will introduce you to a range of options and assist with any other related aspects.

3. Visit Head Office and meet with Company’s Director

We value our customers as very important individuals, a member of our Top Management Team will be pleased to welcome you to developers.

4. Discuss Property Purchasing Process & Terms of Payment

Our Property Consultant will be pleased to explain in detail the purchasing/ contraction process along with the flexible payment terms and the preparation of the Contract For Property Purchase.

5. Consultation with Independent Law Firm

It is recommended for the property buyer to utilize consultation from an Independent Law Firm.

6. Property Selection and Reservation Payment

Our Property Consultant will assist you with the selection of your property and guide you through the reservation payment process.

7. Preparation of the Contract for Property Purchase

Our Legal Executive will prepare a draft copy of the Contract for Property Purchase for approval. For a formal commitment of the purchase from the reservation deposit payment, the contract must be signed from all parties involved within the next 30 days.

8. Property Progress and Assistance

Our Property Consultant will constantly inform you about the construction progress of your property and assist with any other aspects such as option for property finishes, furniture’s etc.

9. Delivery

Our Customer Care Executive will coordinate the delivery process and any other related aspects such furniture, garden and utility service connection.

10. After Sales Service

From the day of property official delivery, we offer a one year after sales contractual guarantee. Our Customer Care Executive will assist and coordinate with any customer requirements that may occur.

For more information, please contact our hotline: +84 911 60 22 44 (Multi line)

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