Hungary residency & citizenship by investment

A booming economic hub centrally located in Europe’s Schengen Zone, Hungary has become one of the most-visited locations on the planet. With a rich and highly diverse cultural scene, universal healthcare, and easy connections to the rest of Europe, Hungary also offers numerous benefits to business owners.


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These include a corporate tax rate of just 9%, a dividend tax of only 16%, a friendly and easy to understand business environment, and a cost of living that is significantly below the average for Europe. If you want to take advantage of a streamlined, lightning quick path to Hungarian residency, the Hungarian Investment Immigration Program might be right for you.

Benefits Of Program

  • Inclusion of qualifying family members, including parents, without age restrictions.
  • No requirement to travel to Hungary. Applications can be lodged at the respective Hungarian Consulate.
  • Fast processing leading to EU permanent residency for life in under 30 days.
  • No physical residency requirements.
  • Fully guaranteed investment returned in full after five years.
  • Free movement throughout Europe’s Schengen zone.
  • Access to free education in Hungary
  • No specific requirements regarding business background, source of funding, language skills or education requirements.
  • Could be eligible to apply for citizenship after 8 years of residence

Investment Requirement

To take advantage of the Hungarian Investment Immigration Program, you must invest 300,000 Euros into the Hungarian state. This is a fully-guaranteed 5-year investment, not a purchase, and you will receive your money back at the end of the 5-year term. In exchange, you will receive expedited permanent Hungarian residency for yourself and your entire family, including your adult children and parents over 60 years of age.

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