New Zealand offshore Company

Companies are registered in New Zealand according to company law 1993. The most popular registration is to register limited liability registration, maybe, the other registration form. Registering company is performed by New Zealand State Register.

All business operations of New Zealand are controlled by enterprise law (not in the Bylaws). The Company is registered by any number and class of share. At any time, the Company is entitled to repurchase its shares. There is no difference in the company type and there is no strict requirement in the respect of seal existence of the company.

Company registering in New Zealand is entitled to operate its business and investment and open account in any country in the world.

Company structure

  • Founding member of the company may be citizen of any country
  • It is obliged to have at least a shareholder and a director
  • Company owner and account owner may be the same person
  • There is no limit in the respect of nationality of the company’s member.

Tax policy

Almost residing companies pay tax about 33%. However, if foreign companies and fund do not perform business operation in New Zealand territory they are exempted from tax.

Tax statements

  • Companies must submit Annual Return – of which there is informational of director(s), present shareholders as well as legal address of the company.
  • If the number of non-residing founding members exceeds 51%, the companies should submit auditing statement once 12 months.

Documents set of the company after registration

  • Establishment Certificate
  • Share certificate of the company
  • Company By-laws in English
  • Refusal Letter of Company control right of the register
  • Notarized copy set of company documents
  • Seal

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