Offshore company is a very important tool for business operation of all occupations. Selecting Company type depends on the following features:

  • Class of business type
  • Security level of owner
  • Opening account at this bank or that bank
  • Possible to apply advantage of double taxation agreements
  • Establishment fees and maintenance expenses

It is necessary to select the best one among a series of tools that satisfies business conditions. You can receive free consultancy from our consultants to select the best company type with your business. We engage in all your information security supplied to our company for all the life.

Offshore Company

By concept of Offshore Company to legal entity established in territories where local authorities authorize tax preference like tax reduction or tax exemption if such companies operate out of territories of registration.


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Offshore Company is a favorable tool in commercial operation and international investment as well as an optimal tool for your capital safekeeping at international standard safe banks. Principally, offshore companies do not request anything about tax statements but a fixed fee paid to local budget where the company registers establishment. Generally, does information about director as well as shareholders is rarely recorded at such nations or territories so that security level of the company’s owner is extremely high.

About 50 nations and territories in the world are permitted to register offshore company. Each region has its own features. We only introduce some most favorable and preeminent by international business experience including BVI, Belize, Panama, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brunei, Marsal Islands, etc.

Company bearing low tax

There are some territories where business income tax is about 15% or less like Latvia: 15%, Cypruss Island: 10%, Estonia: 0% (there are some other taxes). Companies that register at such territories shall be taken into account of company bearing low tax. How to use such companies depends on each business goal of each enterprise.

On-Shore Company

Companies established at nations or territories with normal tax rate (in other words at high tax rate) are called On-Shore companies. Such companies are favorable in applying double taxation agreements and agent contracts. In some financial charts, UK companies like LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) and PLC (Private Limited Company) or Luxemburg SeCS companies may be used in tax exemption or low taxable environments.

AT Express is the company supplying consultancy service in establishing such aforesaid company types. We have experienced professional consultants with a large system of offices & agents in many countries of registration that shall help you from A to Z. All our services are engaged in the whole life security.

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