Where to open bank account is extremely important. If offshore company has not opened its account, it means the company has not been established yet.

Necessary criteria for opening account as follows:

– Prestige, professional bank

– High security for client

– Having internet banking, fax banking, voice banking service

– Able to receive Debit, Credit card

– Simple international payment procedure

– Low fee

– Fast transaction

– Require direct presence of client when opening account or not

– Low expense of opening account, deposit in account .

Our company supplies account opening service for companies, individuals at prestige bank in the world like Switzeland, Ship island, Baltic countries, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, USA, etc. Our consultants shall help you arrange necessary papers, prepare for opening account easily and quickly. If opening account requires your presence in the bank, our company shall support visa, guide in the bank.

Offshore company is not forced to open account at registration place. For example, your company may register at Belize but opening account in HSBC Hong Kong.

We only base on banks that satisfy the aforesaid criteria, especially prestige and information security criteria are confirmed and protected by law.

Please study hard below banks for your reference before opening your account:


For more information, please contact our hotline +84 911 60 22 44 (Multi line)

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