Recently, AT Express received many inquiries from customers when buying American real estate. Understanding the smoothness of dear customers, AT Express has summarized some common questions of customers to answer through the following article:




1/ Vietnamese nationality buy a house in the US, can it be owned?

Anyone in the world, not on the US criminal list, can buy and sell houses and real estate in the US and there is almost no limit to the amount or size of assets ( You can buy an entire city!). There is no difference in purchasing procedures between a foreigner and a US citizen.

2/ Can a person under the age of 18 have a passport (going to school in the US) with the name of buying and selling real estate?


Yes, okay! However, according to American civil law, a person under the age of 18 (minor) is considered to be incompetent to determine legal acts. Therefore, the legal commitments of people under 18 can be canceled later. Because legal risks can happen like this, partners in the US often require representatives such as parents, or legal sponsors (legal sponsors) for people under 18 years of age. in relations and commercial contracts. There is an easier way, if in the case of having to leave the name of a person under the age of 18, you should choose an additional person who is 18 years of age or older under the common name.

3/ When I am a Vietnamese, I do not know much about buying and selling papers, owning a house in the US but I am planning to buy a house in the US so I need to pay attention to what I need because I am very afraid of fake papers.


In terms of paperwork in the US, it can be assured. The US side will not be like Vietnam. When buying and selling real estate in the United States, you don’t need to worry about fake papers, invalid property or a home owed to someone else.

Ownership documents here are not red books like Vietnam. Ownership paper is only 1-2 sheets of white paper printed in size A-4 (called Grand Deed), when the purchase is completed, the district will send it to you.

It’s okay to keep it or miss it. Because the paper is only needed in very rare cases such as the immigration department needs a copy or some small company needs a copy to prove your property. In case you need but no longer keep it, you can come to the district to pay a few USD fee, then the district staff will give you another copy immediately. Your driver’s license and social security number are enough.

If you are in Vietnam, you only need your identity card or passport. Because in order to avoid forging papers and debts that buyers do not know, the Escrow company (which is responsible for the safety of legal procedures and the security of accounts when trading) will be responsible for checking directly to District through computer system. If something goes wrong or the seller is owing anyone on the house, they will never transfer the name to the buyer until it is settled, and the buyer has the right to return it at any time if it exceeds the specified date. trade in contracts. So the home ownership paper is not needed in the transaction and loan transactions in the US.

4 / What if I want to see a live house in the US? How much?

Absolutely OK. AT Express will assist you in conducting a home survey in the US. You will pay a fee to AT Express staff in the United States to learn how to transport you to the house.

The above are just some common questions from AT Express customers. If you are planning to learn about American real estate investment, don’t hesitate to contact AT Express for answers.

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