Update some changes in the real estate investment program to receive permanent residency in the Republic of Cyprus

Officially applied from 2/5/2023

The investment criteria for the public relations plan remain unchanged, but the plan will modify the extension criteria and dependency conditions. The main changes in program conditions are as follows:

Firstly, the parents of the main applicant and the parents of their spouse are no longer considered dependent persons. Specifically, this application only applies to two generation families, including parents and children under the age of 25. You can’t bring any more files.

Secondly: Increase the minimum income requirement

These numbers are now on the rise.

Main applicant 50.000 euros

Add 15.000 euros to your spouse.

An additional 10000 euros per child.

Applicants must demonstrate that they still maintain an annual income level corresponding to the minimum plan.

Thirdly, investors must prove that they have not divested their original minimum investment assets of 300000 euros and are required to update judicial background information No. 2 annually.

According to the Ministry’s statement, investors have failed to prove that they continue to meet income and investment requirements, and “the entire family’s immigration permit will be cancelled.

Fourth: The payment terms for the application are 300000 euros plus value-added tax, instead of the previous 200000 euros plus value-added tax.

Finally, the investment conditions must be met, as the number of bedrooms in the house must match the number of project participants. If there is a significant difference between the number of members and the number of bedrooms, it will be difficult to process the application, so you must also consider choosing a suitable property.

The new regulations will not affect those who sign real estate purchase contracts with the Land and Survey Department between February 1, 2023 and April 28, 2023, as the plan becomes increasingly difficult and may close at any time.

Investors interested in this plan should consider and implement it as soon as possible to avoid missing opportunities.

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