Latvia offshore company

Sabiedrība ar ierobežotu atbildību (SIA) – Limited Liability Company legally exist and independently of its share holders, owner of the company shall not take legal responsibility of the company. Responsibilities of SIA founding members are restricted by their equity capital in the legal capital. At least 50% of the members of Directors Board of the company must be people residing in Latvia. Unless otherwise provided by other provisions, the company shall exist timelessly. Names and ages of shareholders that are unsecured may be freely accessed. Therefore, it is possible to use non-residing company for security.

Tax statements

Business income tax is imposed on foreign companies when they have regular representative office or business operation location in Latvia as well as for local companies: 15%, VAT 18% on the majority of goods and services.

In Latvia, all employees of the local companies and partner as well as non-residing companies are obliged to pay social insurance like a tax: 35%, of which the company pays 25% and its employees pay 9%.

Tax statements

Latvia Companies are forced to submit annual tax statements and statistics. Besides, they must register as tax payer and monthly tax statements. The companies must perform annual auditing if exceeding 2 of 3 following criteria: 1 – Account balance exceeds LVL 100 000( 180 000 USD), 2 – NETTO gains exceed LVL 200 000 (360 000 USD), 3 – the number of employees exceed 25

Documents set of the company after registration

  • Reģistrācijas apliecība – Original registration certificate
  • Dibināšanas līgums – Founding agreement or establishment decision (if one shareholder) notarized.
  • Statūti – Bylaws
  • Rīkotājdirektora apliecinājums Latvia – Director Certificate
  • Juridiskas adreses apliecinājumts – Legal Address Certificate
  • Pieteikums Forma 4 –Notarized registration
  • Seal

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