Belize offshore company


Type of Company


Type of Law


Shelf company availability


Our time to establish a new company

1 day

Minimum government fees (excluding taxation)


Corporate Taxation


Double Taxation Treaty Access


Share capital or equivalent

Standard currency


Permitted currencies


Minimum paid up

No minimum required

Usual authorised



Minimum number


Local required


Corporate Directors Permitted


Publicly accessible records


Location of meetings



Minimum number


Publicly accessible records


Location of meetings


Company Secretary



Local or qualified



Requirements to prepare


Audit requirements


Requirements to file accounts


Publicly accessible accounts



Requirement to file annual return


Change in domicile permitted


1. Profile of Belize

Belize had been the British Honduras colony since 1862 and renamed “Belize” in 1973. It has stable politics, and people there are of high level of education. Belize is spacious with small population, compared with BVI. Belmopan is its capital. Belize City becomes the administrative center, which has approximately 60000 citizens. It is a multi-racial country without race discrimination. Tourism and agriculture are the main national economy. Goods are of reasonable price. Multitudinous historical sites, the biggest coral reef sea (Dive heaven: Shark Ray Alley and San Pedro) and famous masurium cultural monument (Altun Ha), attract more than 1.6 million tourist every year. Recently, with perfectly developed economic plan and under the influence of amendment to Co. Act and Law, Belize has become a new jurisdiction for offshore Co. instead of BVI.

2. Best interim position for business and trading

Belize which is known as “the Backdoor of America of Strategic Status” and “the Little America,” is the only country in the world that has access to CARICOM, FTAA-Free Trade Area of Americas, EEC-European Economic Community. In addition, it has established diplomatic relationships with many countries. It plays a pivotal role in economic and trade exchanges among countries such as British, America, Canada, and EU. Belize has convenient transport facilities. Direct flight from Miami/Houston go and fro Belize, including America Airlines, Continental, Us Airways etc. are available and it takes only 2 hours.

3. Shelf company & documents notarization

It is convenient and time saving to register an offshore company in Belize. Only one director is required for registration, un-limitation of nationality. Any person/ corporate can become the director or shareholder without appointing any secretary firm. We has shelf Co. in Belize, clients can apply for the shelf Co. in 2 days and tailor-made company within 7 days. Belize has diplomatic relationships with most of the countries in the world and has embassies there. Certificate of Incumbency and Certificate of Good Standing can be obtaining promptly.




Company Type


Used To Be Black-list By OECD


Minimum Director/ Shareholder


Chinese Name on CI


Open Bank A/C in HK, Singapore


Disclosure of Director/ Shareholder


Days of Ready-made company

2 days

Days of Tailor-made company

7 days

4. Correspondent invoice address

It would be useless if an offshore company is unable to open a bank account. Only the flow of money in the bank A/C is able to prove the effectiveness of an invoice which we issue or receive. Therefore, the key point to set up an offshore co. is the bank A/C with invoice address. As an offshore co., its bank account should be opened offshore. In this case, it is convenient to trade with mainland clients and investors with privacy of bank A/C well kept. Therefore, except for the account audited by CPA, most of the clients will open A/C in trade centers (HK/ Macao/ S’pore), which are tax-free and of high privacy without limitation on flows of foreign exchange and capital, in order to finish the whole process of import and export with the local correspondent invoice address. We can provide the correspondent invoice address and the secretary services of tell, fax, mail forwarding.

5. Convenient for opening account, tax return is not required

Main banks in Belize are:

1. Belize Bank

2. Pacific Bank

3. Barclays Bank

4. Nova Sootia Bank

5. Atlantic Bank

Just like Brunei, Belize offshore Co. has definite stipulation of tax-free, no need to submit the Annual Return and Tax Return. There are wide choices for Co. naming (either in English or Chinese-English form). Unlike BVI, Belize offshore Co. is not subject to treaty of exchange on tax information between British and America.

6. Directors/ Shareholders’ files of high privacy

Now directors/ shareholder’ files in offshore jurisdiction like Hk/ S’pore are of low privacy. One is able to get access to Co. files with a search in the official network. In other offshore jurisdictions, such as BVI and Mauritius, directors/ shareholders’ files can be easily read with the payment of US$110-120. Amendments to the law were passed in BVI under the impact of American terrorists attack happened on 11 Sept, 2001; thereafter the bear share should be under custody with management fee of US$1000. Belize is more recommended than BVI in terms of privacy and image.

7. Low cost of annual Gov. Fee

Belize offshore company can issue nominated or bear share of no pare value. The government fee is US$100 with the registered capital less than US$50000; while it is fixed at US$1000 if the registered capital exceeds US$50000. It is suggested to register the capital of US$50000 with each share par value of US$1 and Gov. Fee of only US$100. Compared with the BVI annual government license fee of US$350, Belize is more affordable and confidential.

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