Classical offshore company

International Business Companies (IBC) – is a basic tool in international tax optimization aspect. Such companies are completely exempted from tax, if their business operations are out of the territory where the company registers for establishment. In each offshore area, there is a specific nature of IBC business operation of IBC. Naturally, such companies all have the following basic tools.

– Classical offshore companies can not get profit from sources in the territory where the company is registered.

– Classical offshore company is not permitted to sign any business contract with company registering at the same territory where it registers. Excluding payment of legal consulting charge, registration, and accounting

– In the name of the company, it is obliged to present its limited nature.

– Information about director, shareholders shall not be addressed to the state agencies when registering the company.

– Be able to issue represented shares (bearer share)

– Classical offshore companies are often used to hold shares of companies or capital types at taxed territory areas.

Major preeminence of offshore companies is to receive profits without bearing any tax. Owner of offshore company may open account at any bank in the world, invest, sign business contract, participate in foreign exchange market, securities market and perform financial professions in accordance with provisions of territory of registration.

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