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Fund (Stiftung) – Legal entity with minimum capital of 30,000 CHF (payment right after registration), is not divided into shares, there is no shareholders. Fund founder members do not share rights for the member, account owner may take profit in the bylaws framework in accordance with provisions of law. All his equity capital shall become proprietary of the fund at transfer time.

Fund structure

Fund Council is the supreme body in charge of managing the fund in accordance with provisions in Bylaws and Mandatory Agreement.

The number of directors are determined by the Bylaws, but at least one director is the local person, such director has also the right to work in the locality as lawyer, legal representative, has accounting right, has certificate. Board of Directors is restricted by professionally strict security level and does not bear legal responsibility of the fund according to provisions of law.

Account owner, designated may be founding member or other agents in accordance with provisions of Bylaws. The account owner has right to receive profit or capital that the condition and quantity of receipt are presented in the By-laws. Profit of account owner, creditor are not forced to pay.

Major task of executive agent is to make wishes of founding members become real in accordance with provisions of law and the By-laws.

Tax policy

Fund, that does not register as a commercial Holding Fund or charity fund shall bear tax rate of 0.1% (1000 CHF at minimum) of legal capital. Lichtensteint Fund does not bear tax on capital development rate and original gains.

Assets, given or presented to the person living abroad is not taxed. In nature, tax on capital portion is 1% of the legal capital and real capital. Annual minimum tax rate is 1000 CHF. If business capital exceeds 2 million CHF and 10 billion CHF, it shall bear tax rate of 0.75% and 0.5% respectively.

Tax statements

It is necessary to perform tax statements and submit annual tax balance confirmed by auditor. Lictenstent Fund is a commercial Holding fund or charity fund and audited statements must be submitted.

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