Swiss offshore Company

Aktiengesellschaft (AG)/Societe anonyme (SA) – Joint Stock company is established by notarized contract, by such way relation between directors and shareholders as well as principles are determined and management, control and auditing of the company shall be built in order to achieve fixed goals in the contract.

Tax policy

There are 3 tax regimes in Switzerland

Regime 1: Federal authority collects federal business income tax (3.63% – 9.8%) and tax on shifting capital to abroad (35%) and there is tax on gain.

Regime 2: Tax of state – Business income tax (20% – 35%). Switzerland is divided into 26 regions and each region has its own tax regime.

– State tax on business income (depending on the state and business type)

– Individual income tax

– Tax on inheritance property and present

– Capital gain tax

Sut is considered the most favorable state for company registration

Regime 3: Administration – Tax on business income from major business and capital income tax, the rate is 1% compared with state tax. If the company does not do business in Switzerland, does not have office at the locality and does not hire employees, it does not pay state and administration tax but federal tax in Zurich: 0.03%, Sut: 0.0075%-Min: 150 CHF (1USD= 1.65CHF)

Company structure

  • At least 3 shareholders or issue of bearer share.
  • At least 1 director (the majority in the board of director should be the Swiss)
  • Minimum legal capital: 100 000 CHF
  • The Company is allowed to issue presented shares provided that it completely pay 100% of the charter capital.
  • Shares of the Company may be issued, are undersigned shares or bearer shares and they maybe freely offered.
  • The company is obliged to perform accounting books and submitting annual settlement.

Registration procedures

  • Prepare document set to open account in the bank – There are company description, deeds of directors, shareholders, and account owner.
  • Opening special account to pay legal capital in Credit Suisse
  • Pay legal capital – 100% if issuing bearer shares, 50% if no issue.
  • Notarize all the document set of company
  • Address all documents set to registration company and commercial department
  • Confirm company registration and readdress to the bank
  • Open payment account of the company

Preparation time is 4 weeks since the time of legal capital payment

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