Procedure of Hungary Investment Program

1. Administrative procedures (7 days)

Investors and family members after completing the information and signing the “Application and Data Sheet” provided by us (Hungary side) and send it back to us, and send accompanied by certified copies of the Birth Certificate of the Investor, the spouse and children living with their parents, and the investor’s parents (grandparents); a notarized copy of “Judicial CV” of each person and a notarized copy of “Marriage Registration” of the investor’s spouses and investors’ parents (grandparents). The Hungarian side will translate and notarize the above documents at the Hungarian National Notary and Translation Company (“OFFI”)!

2. Contract signing (14 days)

Investors sign the necessary contracts for participating in the Bonds Settlement Program in Hungary

3. Payment procedures (2 days)

After signing the contract, the Investor shall fulfill his obligations as stated in the contract by paying / transferring 300,000 EUR to buy bonds and at least 60,000 EUR for administrative procedure expenses.

4. Applying for residence registration

In Hungary: 2 days

The application for immigration registration will be submitted directly to the Hungarian Citizenship and Citizenship Office within 2 working days after the bond purchase and administrative fee is transferred to the bank account. We recommend shipping. At the same time, the taking of information and signature confirmation of Investors and family members will be implemented.

Overseas, at the Embassy of Hungary: 14 days

Documents required for the application will be transferred to the Investor by courier service within 5 working days after the bond purchase and administrative fee is transferred to the bank account. We recommend shipping. Investors can apply for permanent residence at the Embassy of Hungary located in their home country on the day before we registered with the Embassy. At the same time, taking information and confirming signature of Investors and family members is also carried out.

When you come to this procedure, everyone must be present!

Due to the rights relating to reunification of program-recording families, Investors and associated members may apply at different times.

Procedure: 30 minutes / person

5. Application consideration and licensing

The submitted applications will give priority to quick review at the Hungarian Citizenship and Citizenship Office; If the application is approved, the residence permit (card) will be processed.

Application processing time: 30 days

Card making time: 21 days

6. The receipt of the Residence Permit

After receiving the card, we will send to the Investor at the request of the Investor. The card can be received directly or delegated to your representative in place of Hungary or delivered directly to the Investor to any address that the Investor wants.

7. Confirmation of bond registration (45 days)

The confirmation of the Investor’s settled bond will start from the date the Settlement License is granted to the Investor and finally the note printed by the Company is commissioned by the National Assembly’s Economic and Informatics Committee. After that, the ballot will be hand-delivered to the Investor by the proposed method.

8. Procedures for applying for identity cards (8 days)

With the Residence Permit and Decision of the Hungarian Citizenship and Citizenship Authority, the Investor can directly ask the Hungarian Government through the Government Information Portal to issue the identity card and household registration certificate.

For more information, please contact our hotline: +84 911 60 22 44 (Multi line)

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